Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pulp Adventurecon welcomes Allen Bellman, golden age illustrator

We're happy to announce Allen Bellman will be a guest at Pulp Adventurecon on February 11, 2017.

Allen worked with Stan Lee in the Timely offices of Martin Goodman, a prolific publisher of comic books, pulp magazines, and many other periodicals. Goodman's pulp line-up included The Angel Detective, Ka-Zar, Marvel Science Stories (aka Marvel Tales), and Uncanny Tales.

Allen became a staff artist at Timely during the Golden Age of comics. While still a teenager, he did backgrounds for Syd Shores' Captain America in 1942. Eventually he worked on titles such as The Human Torch, All Winners Comics, Marvel Mystery, Sub Mariner Comics, Young Allies and many more. Allen contributed to pre-Code horror, crime, war and western tales for Atlas.

Join us and meet one of the people who forged the Golden Age of Comics ... and Pulps! Learn more at our website:

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