Monday, January 30, 2017

The Spider awards bonus books to attendees

A few weeks ago, we announced Timely/Marvel artist Allen Bellman will be a guest at the Florida edition of Pulp Adventurecon on February 11, 2017. Now here's some more pertinent information ...

The first 50 paying attendees -- on February 11, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale -- will receive their choice of a bonus book, The Spider #5: Empire of Doom, The Spider #7: Serpent of Destruction or The Spider #8: The Mad Horde. Bold Venture Press published these editions over a decade ago, and they remain highly prized collectibles!

The Spider was created in the early 1930s, in the wake of The Shadow's success. Early in the run, Norvell Page (under the house name Grant Stockbridge) gave The Spider's adventures a unique hysterical quality. In many respects, he was the Lethal Weapon of the 1930s.

For newcomers to the world of pulp fiction, this is a great introduction to one of the classic pulp super-heroes. The supplies are limited, so get to the show early!

Be certain to put Pulp Adventurecon on your must-attend list. Dealer tables packed with quality merchandise, much of it pulp magazines, Golden Age comic books and original artwork. You'll also find vintage paperbacks, mens adventure pulps, and quality reprints from various publishers.

Admission is a miserly $5.00 per person. Vendor tables are $45.00 each. Keep checking our website for updates, and for information on our upcoming November show in Bordentown, NJ.

P. L. McCall is in for a Penny And Dime!

We are pleased to add another name to our roster of guests!

Allen Bellman, artist for Timely/Marvel, will regale people with anecdotes of the Golden Age of Comics. He worked on Timely's golden age superstars -- Captain America, The Human Torch and The Sub-Mariner -- and dozens of other popular comics.

Mr. Bellman represents the Golden Age of Pulps and Comics ... Now, we're joined by P. L. McCall, who represents the modern era of pulp fiction.

P. L. McCall joins Pulp Adventurecon as a guest for the February 11 show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. PLMII Studios publishes an ongoing Fantasy Anthology Penny and Dime which publishes new INDIE Authors. P. L. is doing his darndest to perpetuate and forward the cause of pulp fiction!

P. L. is a Writer and the Owner of PLMII Studios, a multimedia company located in South Florida. He is the creator of The Grace Flynn Chronicles and Ing the Viking.

In the first installment of the Grace Flynn series, Grace Flynn is a prisoner of both England and France, awaiting her execution for a very long list of crimes. She is considered a danger to society and even the Holy See has proclaimed her an evil most foul. Her execution is delayed when the mysterious Dr. Daedalus arrives with an unorthodox offer of freedom. Her redemption will be found through a journey skirting the bowels of Hell itself.

P. L. McCall II attends multimedia conventions and shares his knowledge of creative writing and publishing with attendees through panels and the personal mentoring of new writers.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pulp Adventurecon welcomes Allen Bellman, golden age illustrator

We're happy to announce Allen Bellman will be a guest at Pulp Adventurecon on February 11, 2017.

Allen worked with Stan Lee in the Timely offices of Martin Goodman, a prolific publisher of comic books, pulp magazines, and many other periodicals. Goodman's pulp line-up included The Angel Detective, Ka-Zar, Marvel Science Stories (aka Marvel Tales), and Uncanny Tales.

Allen became a staff artist at Timely during the Golden Age of comics. While still a teenager, he did backgrounds for Syd Shores' Captain America in 1942. Eventually he worked on titles such as The Human Torch, All Winners Comics, Marvel Mystery, Sub Mariner Comics, Young Allies and many more. Allen contributed to pre-Code horror, crime, war and western tales for Atlas.

Join us and meet one of the people who forged the Golden Age of Comics ... and Pulps! Learn more at our website: