Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Big Show for 2016

Pulp Adventurecon
November 5, 2016
Ramada Inn -- Bordentown, NJ

After sixteen years, we're adding a blog feature to the Pulp Adventurecon page, in the hopes of keeping folks updated on each show. Okay ... we're a little behind the times ... We are, after all, collectors of magazines that were published before our birth. Alas, nearly all of these magazines were cancelled before we were born.

Pulp Adventurecon makes its return to the Bordentown Ramada Inn on November 5th, 2016. Visitors will find tons of pulp magazines, along with Golden Age comic books, Big Little Books, vintage paperbacks, movie collectibles, obscure and classic movies on DVD, and other related material. You'll find more pulp magazines in this room than anywhere else on the East Coast.

The show in conveniently located right off Exit 7 of the NJ Turnpike

With seven weeks remaining before the show, we're ramping up our promotional efforts. This humble blog is one more tool in the show's utility belt. Keep checking the site for the last Pulp Hurrah of the year before family holidays demand our attention.

For more information, watch this page (and the other pages), and join our mailing list by using the link below. While you're signing up, you might even click the link for Bold Venture Press and take a gander at our pulp reprints and new, pulp-inspired fiction by authors like Richard A. Lupoff, Gary Lovisi, John Wooley, and others.

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